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Photo by Melanie Wright Photography
Photo by Melanie Wright Photography

More Than Just a Mom

My story isn’t one of the traditional sense. First of all, I’m over 35 and unmarried (whaaaat?!). Secondly, I am a foster parent. Yes, that means I chose to step into a very difficult and broken situation. From the photo above it may look like I have it all but my story is filled with tremendous losses, poor decisions, broken dreams, and some downright traumatizing circumstances. After years of learning and working on myself, I overcame. I transformed my way of thinking. My heart was restored by Jesus. And He can do the same for you. Tune in for a journey about living a Kingdom single life in a messed up world, becoming an insta-mommy by saying “Yes” to foster care and ultimately adoption, and maintaining hope when things don’t go anywhere close to as expected. Come here for encouragement, perspective, and fun stories too!

Foster Care

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Stories, facts, and the reality of loving a child (and their biological family) with an unknown history, trauma, and who you know is leaving.


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Being single over 30 comes with a wide range of struggles that most married couples, younger singles, the church, your parents, etc. just don’t understand. But we can still live our best lives!


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Being a “Christian” has countless definitions. There can be a huge difference between one who claims to be Christian and one who follows Jesus. Let’s talk about what it truly means to have a mind and heart like Christ!