About Me

Mama Lisa

I live in Austin, TX (nearly born and raised!). I am a: Woman • Mother • Daughter of a King • Single • Foster/Adoptive Parent • Dancer • Protector • Nurturer • Kingdom Advancer • Lover of Jesus • Professional • Breadwinner • Analyzer • Difference Maker • Saved by Grace • Encourager • Decision Maker • Leader • Child Advocate • Planner • Helper • Referee • Maid • Cook • Boo Boo-kisser • Nose Wiper • Chauffeur • Potty Time Cheerleader • Teacher • Tantrum Calmer • Toddler Chaser • In the Broken Places • Where ever God leads me

So the term “Mama Lisa” was born long before I became a foster parent or even before I became a host mom to foreign exchange students. When the Lord gives you that “Mom” anointing it just cannot be contained! I’ve been “momming” people since my little brother was born at 5 years old. I can’t help but take care of people! During my single-with-no-kids years (I call this “SWaNK”) I had some really close guy friends that I spent a lot of time with (and as we all know men need a lot of care-taking) and thus, “Mama Lisa” was born!

I hope my story inspires you, gives you perspective, challenges your thinking, and leads you to explore avenues you may not have thought about before. You can do more than you know!

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