10 Fascinating Facts About Adopting Through Foster Care

Since I was not adoption-minded when I started fostering it wasn’t until I had my boys over a year (and decided to adopt them) that I learned so many wonderful benefits of adopting through foster care! Here are the fascinating facts about adopting through foster care in Texas. See? Look at ALL THE PERKS ofContinue reading “10 Fascinating Facts About Adopting Through Foster Care”

Foster Care Is Not Adoption

When I started fostering in 2017 I realized that nearly everyone I knew thought I had adopted kids! I even had people congratulate me! 😀 NEWSFLASH: Don’t congratulate a foster parent when a foster child is placed with them. You’re basically celebrating the fact that a child was in such a reckless situation that theyContinue reading “Foster Care Is Not Adoption”

My 2 and 1/2 Year “Quarantine”

It’s basically Groundhog Day over here, EVERY DAY for the last 2.5 years since my boys arrived. I went from a single-with-no-kids life (I call this “SWaNK”) filled with dancing, nice dinners, parties, and all the freedoms a girl could ever want to one with a baby and a toddler where I’ve been isolated inContinue reading “My 2 and 1/2 Year “Quarantine””