Why Did I Start a Blog?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

β€” Oscar Wilde.

A few months ago I was sowing into a new friend who had just ended a long-term relationship with a man who she thought was going to be her husband. All to familiar with this situation I started sending her uplifting prayers, sharing my book collection, forwarding inspiring blogs, sending podcasts, sharing my tips and tools for renewing your mindset and checking in routinely with her. Suddenly, I felt ignited – the best I’d felt in years! In a season of extreme isolation and exhaustion, I felt happy. I knew I had a lots of tools in my belt (I mean, my heart has been shredded more than once 😒) but many I had forgotten until the time came to help my friend grow in her identity and love herself like Christ loves her! I was reminded of all the things I worked so hard at and overcame to become the woman I am today. The things that shaped me into a woman with a healed heart, content in her singleness, sacrificing herself, and living for God’s Kingdom.

Three years ago I started walking through the process to become a licensed foster parent. I knew nothing of the world of Child Protective Services, lawyers, childhood trauma, the drug crisis, nor any foster parents. But the Lord set a clear path and so I walked naively through the licensing process, getting my first placement, and navigating the very broken system which beat me up pretty well! But it also led me to becoming forever mom to two of the cutest little boys you’ll ever meet! Life of a single mom is one of extreme isolation and exhaustion, but there is hope.

Jesus saved me. He transformed my heart from a hard, detached one lacking empathy to a deeply loving, compassionate one. He turned me from always looking inward at myself to outward at others and up at Him. Jesus went from a name I KNEW to a man that I LOVE more than anyone in this world. Why? Because He rescued me from a life of judgement (major INTJ here) and unhealthy strongholds like perfectionism and pride. He suffered IMMENSELY and DIED FOR ME. And as someone who can’t think of a single person right now who would lay down his/her life for her, knowing that Jesus already did just gets me every time! *tear*

And so, you will find three themes in this blog: living a healthy, whole kingdom single life, foster care awareness and single parenting, and underlying all of it is a real love for Jesus. The purpose of this blog is to inspire you (let’s speak LIFE instead of rants and complaining!), get you to think outside of the cultural norms that are so ingrained in us (hello, Jesus’ way), but also bring reality to the hardships of both singleness and foster care (no sugar coating here). Ready, set, let’s go!

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